Thank you to Booklist for the wonderful review on our award-winning documentary Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam. The review will be sent out nationally in their online  September 2010 e-newsletter.  

Commemorating Operation Babylift, a U.S. relief effort that rescued more than 2,500 orphans out of Vietnam in 1975, this update is an informative and passionate look at the aftermath of war and the innocent children lostin the chaos of battle. Filmmaker Tammy Nguyen Lee combines archival black-and white film footage of bombings, evacuations, orphaned babies, and more with interviews with parents, volunteers, and rescued Vietnamese adoptees (now adults) who tell their stories with honesty and poignancy. Camera close-ups help intensify adoptees’ recollections of growing up in the U.S., where antiwar sentiments precipitated some racist behaviors. Efforts to discover their own identities vary from attending adoptees reunions (first organized in 2000) and visiting Vietnam to attempting to adopt a Vietnamese orphan (one of the most emotional stories). One interviewee shares that only when his child was born did he experience the feeling of his own flesh and blood. Extras include further discussions with adoptees and additional footage.  — Edie Ching

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