Rave Reviews for 2010 Fashion for a Passion

Nikki Duong Koenig, Chloe Dao, Nini Nguyen, Khanh Nguyen - Photo courtesy of Quoc 'QC' Cong (XO Photography)

Thank you to everyone who contributed your talents to the 2010 Fashion for a Passion charity event. With your help, we were able to have one heckuva show and raise $10,000 (a 200% increase from last year) for our supported orphanages, new ATG Artistic Scholarship fund and year-round community outreach programs. Thank you so much!

Read below all the wonderful comments that are coming in:

What the Designers had to say:

“It was wonderful event. It was pleasure to be in such well organized and successful event. Honestly, it was really nice to see the Asian community, young and old, come out and support  the cause. I am game for next year if you need.”

–          Chloe Dao (Designer, DAO Chloe Dao)


“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this event…”

–          Vi Hoang (Designer, Dolly Pearl)


“Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the show. I had a great time and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for working so hard to put up the show.”

–          Cac Lam (Designer, 2FeMale)


“Great job! I had a blast! My first “real show,” thanks to you!”

 –          Lyly Koenig (Designer, Lyly Thanh)

“…It was such a fabulous event, thank you for letting me be a part of it all. It was a pleasure working with you and the ATG crew – you guys are just amazing. I’m definitely a fan and would love to help out with future ATG events/initiatives.”

–          Nikki Duong Koenig (Designer, Cykochik Custom Handbags)


“… Fashion for a Passion was such a huge success! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful cause again!”

–          Khanh Nguyen (Designer, Nhã Khanh)

“Thank you so much for planning a fabulous event and allowing me to participate. Everyone was so welcoming, helpful, and truly sweet. You have a great team of people!”

–          Sumie Tachibana

“I am so honored to be part of this event and get to meet so many great people. The night was a great success and would love to part of FFAP again next time.”

–          Judy Yang (JudYang)

What the Sponsors/Guests had to say:

“I was very impressed by the hard work that the ATG team put into the event.  The FFAP show was such a high-quality and well-run event, and I’m sure that’s a direct reflection of the outstanding leadership and effort from ATG. I think the partnership with ATG was exceptional, and I’m glad we could play a part in supporting the event and such a worthy cause.  Definitely a great night, great fashion, and great work for the orphanages.”

–        Milton Lai (Hotels.com)

“It was great to see everything come together.  We definitely had a good time and [were] very happy about the turnout at Lumi.  I would love to work with you on future events with ATG.”

–          Susie Bui (Lumi Empanada & Dumpling Kitchen)

“What a great party and show…it all turned out great, and I am so happy to have been able to work with you and would love to continue help out however we can in the future.”

–          Damaris Grogan (Page Parkes Management)

“The second annual Against The Grain Fashion for a Passion event on September 25 was one of the most inspiring I’ve attended in a long time.”

–          Haley Schultheis (Pink Memo)

“My friend and I had a total blast!  I’m more than happy to help for such a great cause… You guys totally rocked in organizing the event!”

–          Joie Chau Pham (Luxe Petals)

“It is our pleasure to be part of your event, and we are thrilled that it was a great success…”

–          Michelle Byrd (Ben E. Keith)

“Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of Fashion For A Passion. We were thrilled to be there and found the evening to be wildly successful!”

–      Ryan Glenn (Subjective Media/The Photo Stand)

“Last night was a great event. Very well organized. Great Job!”

–      Steve Peris (Guest)

“I had a blast… Thanks so much to everyone who participated.”

–      Arienne Cartier (Guest)

“Great job…Your event was beautiful and very organized and energetic.”

–      Mina Chang (Musical Performer)

What the Volunteers had to say:

“Good cause, good fun and a whole lot of fashion at the second annual charity event Fashion for a Passion to benefit world orphanage. Against the Grain did an amazing job at promoting, producing and organizing such a fantastic event to raise awareness and supports for their humble cause. Great job to everyone.”

–      Quoc Cong “QC” (Volunteer, XO Photography)


“It was a great night. You did a fabulous job of pulling it together!”

–      Tina Craig (Emcee, Bagsnob.com)

“Thank you, Tammy, for including me as a part of such an amazing event!! YOU are inspiring & amazing!!! Much love.”

–      LeeAnne Locken (Actress/Model, She’s Got the Look)

“It was an honor to be invited to work for such a great cause again…Congrats goes to ATG, sponsors and volunteers for making it happen.”

–      David Loi (Volunteer, Infini Studios)

“We had a blast…Great job on your end, too.  Very well done.”

–      Trevor Hyslop (Volunteer, Day 18)

“Tammy, you and your team were absolutely wonderful. Anytime you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. I have to say, in all of the years that I have done events, yours was by far the best put together most calm and just fun event I have done.. Please pass along our gratitude for such a fun and pleasant group!”

–      Dianne Gomez (Toni & Guy)


“Thank you, Tam and George, for the opportunity! It was a lot of fun!”

–      Keisha Murrell (Volunteer, FFAP Show Coordinator)

“I was honored to be a part of Against the Grain this year…I really appreciate and admire people like the two of you with such big hearts reaching out to help others and having an organization that allows us to be a part of it. Great hearts are contagious, and you guys totally inspire me.”

–      Nini Nguyen (Volunteer, FFAP Show Coordinator)

“You all did an excellent job, and I really respect you and George for your generosity for the cause…”

– Cuong Nguyen (Volunteer)

“It was a great event…”

–      Travis Petty (Volunteer, Frozen Fire Films)

“I’m so glad i was able to make it to the event and help out with my small bit for such a wonderful cause…Keep up the great work!”

–      Alex Tran (Volunteer, Miss Vietnam Global)

“Had a blast…”

–      Chi Tran (Volunteer, Infini Studios)

“Against The Grain did an amazing job at promoting, producing and organizing such a fantastic event to raise awareness and support for their humble cause. Great job to everyone…It was a pleasure to participate.”

–      Loc Truong (Volunteer, Loc Truong Photography)

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