Announcing the 10th Fashion for a Passion Artist Line-up

Dallas-based non-profit ATG Against The Grain Productions is proud to announce its 10th Fashion for a Passion line-up of Exhibiting Artists. The roster of Asian American artists practice a variety of media and includes a mix of emerging talent and established legends. Fashion for a Passion, which serves the organization’s mission to support and provide a platform for emerging Asian American artists, will take place Saturday, September 22, at sixty five hundred near Love Field Airport.

Guests of Fashion for a Passion will have the opportunity to bid on each artist’s work through a silent auction. Proceeds from the silent auction and tickets to the event will benefit ATG’s supported orphanages and underprivileged children in Asia, artistic and leadership scholarship fund and community outreach programs.

This year’s Fashion for a Passion emcees include veteran Ben Smithee (CEO of The Smithee Group), Hillary Kennedy (Emmy Award winning Host and style blogger) and Allyn Hoang (Emmy Award winning Journalist).

Introducing our 10th Fashion for a Passion Exhibiting Artists:

Pham Hoai Nam

Pham Hoai Nam is a photographer who born in Viet Nam, grew up in Minnesota and has been taking pictures ever since childhood.  He is known for his portraits of the Vietnamese traditional áo dài (long dress) and the Ao Trang Calendars, which he had published annually for the last 22 years to raise funds to support orphanages in Vietnam.

Artist Statement:

“When I was eight years old, I left my motherland and a piece of me behind.  Growing up as a Vietnamese refugee, I felt a deep wound that ached whenever something reminds me of my country, as I know I’ve left it too far behind.  Drawn from the yearning memories of heartache and triumph, of struggle and perseverance, and of loss and fulfillment, my photography strives to comfort and share the passion that has fostered me throughout my life.  

My photography embraces my heritage, a remembrance of my roots and aims to preserve the beauty of my culture.  Photography is the channel through which I connect my lost childhood to my existence and to tell the stories that we might all share. For me, it has made the intangible tangible and the unseen visible, and at times, offers comfort in the seemingly unbearable. It is my form of healing, and through my work, I share my journey through this trying and blessed life.”

What does it means to you to “Go Against The Grain?”
“I have a very high regard and appreciation for the wonderful charity work that ATG has been doing.” 

Why is it important to be a part of this charity event.
“I want to be supportive within my capacity.”

Color Tales by Uyen Vuong

Uyen Vuong was born in Nha Trang, Vietnam.  She grew up in a tailoring/design school, within walking distance to the beach.  Her creativity seed was planted by her parents at a young age. With fabric remnants, her father meticulously crafted unique patchwork garments for her wardrobe.  She sported them with pride, knowing that every piece was one-of-a-kind and made only for her. Uyen’s love for colors, contrast and asymmetry stemmed from her extraordinary childhood.  Her appreciation for one-of-a-kind art was what drew her to marble painting. Her work is inspired by vivid memories of sandy beaches, deep blue ocean, golden rice fields, high cliffs, waterfalls and natural lakes hidden in tropical forests.  Most important were memories of her hardworking parents and endless summers roaming in nature with her brothers. This was where Uyen’s Color Tales began. It was her way of expressing her deepest thoughts and bringing her fondest memories to life.  

Uyen currently lives in Allen, Texas with her husband and children.

Instagram: @thecolortales

What does it mean to you to go “Against The Grain?”

“Embracing my mistakes when I choose to explore a new path or opportunity.  It’s the pain before success.”

Why is it important to be part of this charity event?

“This is a can’t-miss event to support a great cause, to enjoy a magnificent evening and to share more Color Tales artworks.  But most of all, to be there for my daughter’s Beads by Boo jewelry first public showcase. I can’t be any more excited and grateful to come back.”

Van Huynh 

Van Huynh is a 32 year old designer, self taught illustrator and fervid cat enthusiast. Her parents immigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam and came to Texas in 1975. Born and raised in Dallas, Van has always shown a great passion for drawing and painting since childhood and studied graphic design at the University of North Texas. After many years working as a designer for the advertising and retail industry, Van turned towards art as a much needed creative outlet to express herself and create her own colorful world.

Her artwork is often bright and playful and draws heavily from her surface design background. With influences from midcentury illustration, children’s story books, vintage pattern design, hand lettering and animation, there is a definite sense of childhood and whimsy that is a common thread throughout much of her visual work. Her medium of choice is a combination of traditional watercolor painting methods and digital drawing techniques that allow for a more flexible exploration in color, pattern and forms. Currently, she is a graphic designer for a crafts company and hopes to continue developing her budding illustration career. Her work has been featured in DFW Child and Voyage Dallas.

What does it mean to you to “Go Against The Grain?”

“Often times the greatest challenges we face aren’t external, but entirely internal. For me, going ‘Against The Grain’ means being able to push aside one’s own fears, doubts and old beliefs to clear a path towards meaningful achievement. Going ‘Against The Grain’ is about moving forward in spite of personal obstacles with the hope of overcoming them in the process.”

Why is it important to be a part of this charity event?

“As a Vietnamese American, I have often struggled to connect with the people and culture of my family’s country of origin, but have always felt great respect for my Vietnamese heritage. I think its important to be a part of a charity event like FFAP, because it allows me a way to use my art to help Asian communities and to show my support.”

Brent Ozaeta 

Brent Ozaeta is a Dallas-based painter/printmaker. His work is known for its flat graphic style influenced heavily by Japanese animation and pop culture. He collages various imagery and fragmented patterns together to produce his paintings and works on paper. He works also on a variety of other projects including zines, gig-posters, and t-shirt designs. Most recently he created and organized an interactive artist pop-up shop in south Dallas in conjunction with Michelada Think Tank called Super Fantasy Mercado. Brent has been a recipient of the DMA Degoyler artist award and featured in New American Paintings. He is currently represented by The Public Trust gallery.

What does it mean to you to “Go Against The Grain?”

“‘Go Against The Grain’ means taking that road less traveled. Along with the metaphor, it means taking the path with the most resistance and overcoming adversity. It means making a difference. I think that it leads to a more rewarding/fulfilling life.”

Why is it important to be a part of this charity event?

“I believe in supporting just causes. As an Asian American, I want to support my community. I hope that even my small contribution can make a difference in raising funds for these underprivileged children.”

Carol Nguyen

Carol Nguyen is an alumnus of the University of North Texas where she earned a B.F.A. in Communication Design and B.B.A. in Business Marketing. Her work has been recognized at industry showcases such as the Dallas Society of Visual Communication and the Fort Worth ADDYs. Carol has been in the professional design industry for 10 years, gathering experience from large agencies, smaller in-house companies and local private businesses. She has gained much insight through working with diverse industries such as technology, education, oil & gas, medical, food, entertainment and beauty. Currently, she is Co-Partner of Blue Cardigan, a boutique design agency located in the Uptown Dallas.

Before the age of the internet, my sister and I spent our days outdoors being loud, running wild, and acquainting ourselves with nature as a playmate. We were born and raised in the country on a chicken farm, and when the greatest source of entertainment is playing outside, you’re not afraid of getting your hands a little dirty.

Dirt, rocks, plants, sand, clay. Beneath the loam under our feet is history. It is the firm foundation in which the past allows our current footsteps to wonder and travel. Our Mother Earth is feminine, nurturing, and verdant. I find inspiration in this abundant resource that varies by geography, travels through time, and grounds us all the same.

What does it mean to you to “Go Against The Grain?”

“Going ‘Against The Grain’ means being proactive about change and carving out a path for yourself instead of following in the footsteps of others and waiting for change to occur.”

Why is it important/significant to you to be involved with this 10th Fashion for a Passion charity event?
“I was lucky to be a part of FFAP during its 5th year. It was an incredible experience that showcased months of hard work and dedication from the ATG Team, talented designers, performers and artists. I look forward to this show every year and am proud to have been allowed to play a small role in its grande finale.”

About ATG Against The Grain Productions, Inc.

ATG Against The Grain Productions, a Dallas-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, promotes Asian American cultural awareness through compelling media projects and raises funds for international orphanages and underprivileged children. In addition to hosting outreach events, it also awards annual scholarships to exemplary Asian American student artists and leaders. ATG produced the feature documentary, Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam, which has screened at more than a dozen film festivals nationwide and received the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film at the Vietnamese International Film Festival and the Documentary Audience Choice Award from the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival. For more information, visit or

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