Orphanage Aid Report 2015: Cambodia

Taso Village (Takeo) 2

Psar Trach Village (Kampong Chnangt) 1

We are proud to announce that our volunteers on the ground in Cambodia recently provided much-needed food and supplies to our supported orphanages in the region. Special thanks to Ms. Bin Navy, a relative of ATG Advisor to Cambodia Ms. Thear Sy Suzuki, and her friends Mr. Ngoun Rith and Mr. Sok Kry from the New Jerusalem Church in Cambodia, who helped make the purchases and disburse the donations.

The 98 orphans we were able to help attend small local churches in various villages.  The 11 churches included:

  1. Living Water Church in Phnom Penh
  2. Sayav Church in Kompong Speu Province
  3. Thnal Dach Church in Takeo Province
  4. Ta kem Church in Takeo Province
  5. Ta So Church in Takeo Province
  6. Russey Srok Church in Takeo Province
  7. Trapang Kov Church in Kompot ovince
  8. Phsar Trach Church in Kompong Chnang Province
  9. Kyang Church in Kompong Chnang Province
  10. Phum Berng Church in Kompong Chnang Province
  11. Long Vek Church in Kompong Chnang Province

Our wonderful volunteers traveled to these provinces in order to deliver these needs to a total 98 orphans:

  • 10kg rice
  • 6 bottles fish sauce
  • 6 bottles soy sauce
  • 10 cans sardines
  • 5 packets of notebooks
  • 5 packages of pens
  • 5 packages of pencils
  • 4 boxes of Lux soap
  • 1 package of candles
  • 1 box of instant noodles

In addition, small gifts were provided for each orphan as a nice surprise. Special thanks to our Advisor Thear Sy Suzuki for her contribution of $300 to cover transportation and meal expenses for our volunteers!

In total, and thanks to YOUR help, we were able to contribute $2,500 from last year’s fundraising efforts. This year, you can help us ensure that we are able to do the same in 2016 by donating to Against The Grain! The perfect day? This Thursday, Sept. 17, on North Texas Giving Day! Simply click here to go to our dedicated page and donate anytime between 6 a.m and midnight. A minimum donation of $25 helps us earn more bonus funds from Communities Foundation of Texas who runs North Texas Giving Day, but we appreciate anything that your heart and wallet allow.

Below are photos and videos from each of the villages documenting the visit in Cambodia.

Psar Trach Village (Kampong Chnangt)

Psar Trach Village (Kampong Chnangt) 3

Psar Trach Village (Kampong Chnangt) 2

Sayao Village (Takeo)

Sayao Village (Takeo) 1

Sayao Village (Takeo) 2

Sayao Village (Takeo) 3


Taso Village (Takeo)

Taso Village (Takeo) 1


Russey Srok Village (Takeo)

Russey Srok Village (Takeo) 1

Russey Srok Village (Takeo) 2



Taso Village

Tek Ros Church (Phnom Penh)

Tropeang Kov Village (Kampot)

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