Meet Our 2023 ATG SEAPI Heritage and Culture Camp Scholarship Contest Winners!

SEAPI Heritage Camp: (L to R) Josh Glassberg, Andrea Glassberg, Alexi & Rami Glassberg, Tammy Nguyen Lee, Hue Dao Miner, Carol Nguyen, and Minh Miller


ATG is Proud to Announce our 2023 SEAPI Heritage and Culture Camp Scholarship Contest Winners!

Alexi Glassberg (4) and Rami Glassberg (7) 

Charlotte, NC

What does ‘Against The Grain’ mean to me?

Going against the grain means standing up for what you believe in. It means protecting yourself and your friends.

How do I go ‘Against The Grain’?

If a friend is being bullied, I say “not cool, man”! If I want to wear “girls clothes”, I don’t let anyone make me feel bad.




Minh Miller, 18

Longmont, Colorado

 What does ‘Against The Grain’ mean to me?

Against the grain to me means being able to identify who you are. Against the grain is like my own independent path and the challenges that I’ve faced and the ones to come.
How do I go ‘Against The Grain’?
I go against the grain by working towards figuring out what I want to be and what I’m interested in. Especially in high school it’s hard figuring out what you want and who you are. I’m working towards receiving my Visual Performing Arts and STEM capstones at Skyline High School. I’ve found many challenges with wanting to make practical and scientific designs visually pleasing by applying artistic methods. Through my high school’s programs I am going against the grain by combining these unlikely two things.
How has Heritage Camp changed your life?
Heritage camp has changed my life in many ways. For example, I’ve made lifelong connections and met tons of people through camp. Not just friends but adults that I can trust and look up to for advice. It’s also helped me learn.




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