Orphanage Update: Letter from Uu Dam regarding our gift on International Children Day

Dear ATG family,

Two days ago, PT and the children of Uu Dam went shopping for food and supplies with your volunteer using the $10 million VND that ATG sent to support Uu Dam.  All members of Uu Dam truly appreciate ATG very much.

Three children of Uu Dam have finished the high school graduation exams.  They did very well on the exams and hope to earn high marks.  They are now focusing on studying for the University entrance exam.  All the ATG’s love given to these children for all these years will motivate them to study harder on the next University entrance exam.

On the International Children Day, which is also the eighth Anniversary of the day Uu Dam was formed, Uu Dam joined forces with the local college students to organize a celebration.  PT would like to send some pictures to the ATG family with all of our love and deep gratitude.  We pray that God, Buddha will grant blessing to all ATG members and your loved ones with much health and peace.


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