Someone Like Me | Vietnamese Heritage Camp 2012 | Colorado

Jared Rehberg and Kali Hauck

Dallas, TX – After a year of planning and the final three months of execution, ATG’s own Director of Community Outreach, Jared Rehberg, marked his first successful year as Co-Director of Vietnamese Heritage Camp, hosted in Estes Park, Colorado. ATG Secretary Hue Dao Miner joined him as a High School counselor, becoming an instant role model. ATG had a special table set up for the Saturday night show that featured performances by the children and workshop presenters.

Jared had the honor to make a dream come true by sharing the stage with two younger adoptees. He performed “Someone Like Me “with Kali Hauck from Boulder, Colorado. He also sang “Connected to You” with cellist Noelle Hemphill from Fort Collins, Colorado. The weekend went by quickly, and both Jared and Hue miss the families already. Jared is excited to start planning next year’s camp with his new Co-Director, Kristi Kremer.

Jared Rehberg and Noelle Hemphill
Jared Rehberg and Noelle Hemphill

Rehberg said, “It was an honor representing ATG with Hue Dao Miner by my side. We gave out checks for $100, personalized certificates and copies of our Operation Babylift DVDs to our Heritage Camp Scholarship winners.”

Miner, who is herself a Vietnamese adoptee, made the decision to participate this year and drove all the way from Dallas to attend. Said Miner, “Being camp counselor at Vietnamese Heritage Camp gave me a 360 degree perspective on adoption. Paired with my experience as a board member at ATG helping raise funds for orphanages and being uniquely adopted, I was equipped with more knowledge on adoption. It’s all so real and tangible to me. I had the opportunity to hear from the children, and the issues they face. Now I have a vested interest in the lives of these children and will definitely return to this camp as often as I can.”

Hue Dao Miner and the High School Group
Hue Dao Miner and the High School Group

This year’s winner were Olivia Thompson, Noelle Hemphill, Maria Kremer, Thomas Anh Huy Morton, Liz Boyle, Allison Foust, Sarah Foust, Hannah Foust and Emily Morgan-Tracy. Congratulations to all the winners!

ATG Camp Scholarship Winners


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