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Learning How to Represent

ATG Board Member Hue Dao Miner recently competed in the 2011 Miss Asian American Texas Pageant. She was given the Asian Activist award, and we couldn’t be more proud of her for venturing to try something new! We asked us to tell her how this experience has changed her. Read her thoughts below:

Hue Dao Miner proudly wears the traditional Vietnamese 'ao dai.'

The lights, the eyes, the attention… they were on us girls. There were 22 of us total competing for the Miss Teen Asian American Texas, for ages 13-17 and Miss Asian American Texas, for ages 18-25. After weeks of rehearsals, our confidence was evaluated on stage. Twenty judges scored us based on talent, interview, and introduction in cultural attire and poise in evening gown. The event was spectacular, being broadcasted live stream.

The Miss Asian American Texas pageant allowed all of us to shine individually. We were clad in our robust confidence, gorgeous cultural and evening gowns. However, we were most proud to represent our countries. We collectively represented Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

I originally participated in the Miss Asian American Texas pageant because the ATG Fundraising Director, Sarah Tang-Horne, was joking around saying that I should compete since I was the youngest member on the Board of Directors, and one of two who could still meet the age requirements. The casual conversation became reality, I wanted to compete. I had to represent! Not only did I represent ATG; I represented my beloved motherland of Vietnam. So participating was more than just me.

I am so grateful to have so many supportive people around me. My mom, Tammy Miner, taught me charm. ATG President and Founder, Tammy Nguyen Lee (Miss Asian American Texas 1999-2001) coached me through the entire process. Miss Vietnam Global Alex Tran let me borrow an evening gown and traditional Vietnamese “ao dai.” I truly felt like a princess that night.

Shining in the evening gown presentation.

I didn’t go into the pageant to win, but to represent my Vietnamese roots and share my adoption story. But once I started participating, I wanted to win to carry on a platform for adoption, not necessarily just the family adoption type, but to adapt oneself into the community to make a difference.

I’ve learned more about my capabilities than ever. Putting together the application made me realize exactly how much I’ve done in the community, not just for one specific group of people, but for a variety of people in different settings. I received the “Asian American Activist Award” for my service. As cliché as it may sound, I’ve also learned that beauty is more than just looks, and that it should be shared with everyone.

Way to represent, Hue!