Orphanage Aid 2015 Update: The Philippines

Stephen, Jennifer, Renae and Philippines Orphanage AidThe ATG Board is proud to announce that orphanage aid to The Philippines is moving forward at a swift pace! We are currently in the process of securing our relationship with two locations that desperately need basic-need items and school supplies. Many thanks to our Advisor Stephen Tan, a childhood friend of ATG President and Co-Founder Tammy Nguyen Lee, for spearheading our efforts our latest aid location and to our Co-Director of Community Outreach Filipina Jennifer Devany for connecting us with orphanages through her family. Get to know Stephen below and the wonderful work he is doing as a Pastor in The Philippines!

What is your exact title and what do you do in your job?

I am the senior/lead pastor of Grace Christian Church of the Philippines (www.gccp.org.ph). I help the church primarily in the area of preaching and teaching and providing leadership and vision for the church.  

What compelled you to do the work that you do? When did you start and were you doing anything before you became a pastor?

Prior to becoming a pastor, I was a management consultant with Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group. In 2000, I felt a strong leading from God to help people with their spiritual lives and subsequently left the corporate world. What compelled me to become a pastor was a desire to share with others about the Good News of Jesus Christ and how He changed my life and can change the lives of others d as well.

How did you become involved with ATG as an Advisor for the Philippines?

I have known Tammy for many years since our college days at SMU. I believed in her advocacy and admired the passion with which she did it. Through the years I have kept track of the good works of ATG. When the opportunity came to expand the sphere of help outside of Vietnam to other countries including the Philippines, I received an email from Tammy inviting me to serve as the Advisor for the Philippines. Although, I initially declined due to my schedule, Tammy convinced me to serve in this role with her passion for the cause.

Why did you decide to go to The Philippines, and when did you do so?

I moved to the Philippines in 2005 because the church needed a lead pastor and invited me. But on a deeper level, our family made a decision to live in the Philippines because I realized how badly Southeast Asia needed committed pastors to minister to the people. While I could have easily found a pastorate in America, there were already many who were doing the work I was called to do in contrast to the needs in Asia.

Why do you feel that the work you do as an Advisor for ATG is important?

As a country advisor for ATG in the Philippines, I can help ensure that the aid given to the children in need are properly distributed and impact the children directly. I feel it is important that any NGO must have proper accountability “on the ground” and that is how I see my primary role as a country advisor.

What does “Going Against The Grain” mean to you?

Living out an authentic, transparent life and staying true to your convictions. This may require going against conventional wisdom and the accepted majority view.

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