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"Give Up to Give Back"

Donate whatever your heart and checkbook allows.


Through our programs, events and generous funding from donors, sponsors and partners in the community, we provide food, clothing, medical supplies, cultural and recreational needs, and bicycles to the orphanages and children we support.

Our appointed Against The Grain Advisors for each country we help applies a thorough selection and evaluation process in order to best determine which orphanages and underprivileged need our help and how we can best help them.

Accountability: Selection and Verification Collaborating with trusted, local representatives, we conduct on-site and unannounced visits at orphanages in order to observe and speak with management and to help us determine which orphanages genuinely need our assistance the most. 

Evaluation of Needs Based on our observations and discussions, we determine the orphanage’s specific needs. Assistance can take shape in the form of educational support or tangible donations such as blankets, books, clothes, diapers, meals and bicycles.

Positive, Lasting Impact To invest in their future, we work directly with the schools, teachers and the local Study Encouragement Society (SES) or Study Promotion Association (SPA) to identify the top students who come from the most poverty-stricken families. After a thorough evaluation, we award scholarships in the form of bicycles, jackets or rice to reward continued academic achievement.

The Story

After producing her award-winning film Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam, our president and co-founder Tammy Nguyen Lee, along with her husband George and mother Aileen, was inspired to establish Against The Grain Productions to support orphanages in Vietnam today. Since then, we have expanded our reach to orphanages and underprivileged children in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines with the aim to help invest in these children's futures.

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