Orphanage Update: Harvest Moon Festival

ATG recently received an update email from one of our supported orphanages in Vietnam (names have been abbreviated to protect their privacy). We wanted to share this with you and show you just how your dollars are going to help support and make the lives of these orphanage children better!
Dear ATG Family,
We received from the ATG family a sum in the amount of $VND 10 million ($480 USD).  We understand that you want to use this sum to buy needed items and winter clothes for the children of UD, and also to support UD to help the children of UD and those of disadvantaged families near UD to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival (Children’s Festival).  To follow your wish, PT has used the money for the following items:
1) 50 pairs of sandals (for the children to go to school):  50X $27,000 = $1,350,000 (US$64)
2) 300 packages of milk, supplies and treats for the children during “Tet Trung Thu” (Harvest Moon Festival) X $15,000 = $4,500,000 (300 X 72 cents each = US$216)

The remaining amount will be used to buy warm clothes for 40 children of UD for the coming monsoon season. PT will send pictures of the children in warm clothes later for you.

We appreciate the ATG family very much!  During the past many years, ATG has always been walking side-by-side with UD in the mission to care for the 

lives of the orphans.  You have also followed each step of the ways for the less fortunate children of UD and helped them step into life with confidence.  This time, you also extended your arms and helped PT to reach out to the other even less fortunate children outside UD and brought them a little joy and hope during the Harvest Moon Festival for the children at such a tender age….

Your concern and thoughtfulness during this occasion have just added the needed fuel to the “camp fire” to make the Mid-Autumn Festival for UD more warm and celebrated!

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