Orphanage Update: Uu Dam’s Harvest Moon Festival Celebration

Uu Dam1 Uu Dam2 Uu Dam3 Uu Dam4On September 8th, children at Uu Dam, one of our supported orphanages in Vietnam, celebrated “Trung Thu Cho Em” or the “Children’s Harvest Moon Festival” in their play yard.  According to orphanage director PT, it was “very exciting, vibrant and warm with love.” During the happy occasion, the young orphans played and socialized with children from neighboring communities.

This year, ATG was able to provide VND 14,000,000 or USD$667 to the orphanage, providing the children an abundance of food, milk, supplies, mooncakes and, of course, the opportunity to happily celebrate the Harvest Festival. 

Translated from Vietnamese, this is what PT had to say to all of you out there who have supported them through your donations and participation in ATG fundraising events: “We give thanks for the love of the children of Uu Dam and the children from the poor neighboring countryside.  In such an environment, the timely support of the members of ATG is ‘The Love’ that always travels along the life-long journey of the children to bring them  joy, the laughter and the happiness that they need so much.   The Uu Dam family always appreciates and will always remember the ATG family with deep gratitude. Wish everyone much happiness and go in peace. ~ PT.”

And a hearty thank you from all of us at Against The Grain for your continued support of these children! This is the very spirit that captures our #beCAUSE campaign, and we recognize and appreciate your dedication to helping make the lives of these children better for a brighter future.

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