2015 Orphanage and Underprivileged Children Aid Update: Vietnam

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Thanks to your support, we were able to provide $6,000 in support to several orphanages in Vietnam this fall. Here is the report from Ms. Aileen Nguyen on the disbursement.

“In addition to Ưu Đàm orphanage, ATG also helped SCP Danang House #3. SCP Danang House 3 and 4 celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with hot meals, treats, and food.  We also distributed aid in the form of clothing items and new bicycles to those children who live in the outskirts of the city of Danang in the program “Giúp Em Đến Trường” (“Help You Get to School”) so that they can have the means to go to school on time. Those children were selected based on family status (they mostly lost one or both parents), certified by the local school board as having poverty status and who achieved good or exemplary academic status.


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Here is a thank you letter from the orphanages:

Dear ATG family,

Another Mid-Autumn festival has come. This year, the playground of Ưu Dam is filled with the sounds of the drumbeats from the Buddhist Family Dragon dance team and the excitement of the children, another children’s festival filled with love between the people of Buddha and the children in a less fortunate situation.

This Mid-Autumn Festival Ưu Đàm, coordinated with the Buddhist organization of Hue-TT, presented entertainment including a traditional dragon dance for the children of Ưu Dam and the underprivileged children in the neighborhood.  The playground was filled with more than 400 children who enjoyed the entertainment as well as the treats.  For this occasion, the ATG family provided 10M VND to support the celebration as well as 50 warm coats.  After going to the market twice to see only thin, old sweaters and nothing suitable, PT has asked Ms. Phan to help order from DaNang the 50 coats and will distribute those on another occasion. We will send pictures to you later.

During this festival, the children of Ưu Dam eagerly performed a traditional dance with all their heart.  I am sending a few pictures in sincere appreciation.

Wishing the ATG family peace, health, and happiness–

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