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Hurricane Sandy Relief

ATG sends our thoughts and prayers to all our friends in the Northeast who are still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Director of Community Outreach Jared Rehberg shares his perspective while experiencing the highs and lows of Hurricane Sandy.

“Greetings from the Northeast! It’s been a crazy few weeks up here with days heading toward the Presidential election and the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The city of New York stopped public transportation and braced itself for uncertainty and hope for the least amount of damage. Memories of last years’ hurricane kept many people in denial and at ease from the dangers of mother nature’s wrath. The storm came into town overnight, pummeling the area. NJ got hit the hardest, but many people would have to pause to remember such fury on Long Island, Rockaway Beach, flooding on the subway lines and street. They cancelled the NYC Marathon, when running by families in Staten Island without food or shelter felt so wrong. I know this was not 9/11, but as we walked home from work over the bridge, I was told of similar feelings as we left Manhattan. For many the power is still out and cable is going to take awhile to be restored. House and towns on the Jersey shore are gone or torn to shreds along with years of memories. My heart goes out to everyone who lost loved ones and the families who will have a long road to recovery to get their lives back to normal, if there is anything normal anymore.”

FFAP Designer Joanne Hong reached out and let us know that her power is up and running since last night and got her hot water running today.

“It’s been a crazy week since Hurricane Sandy came through NYC.  I lost electricity, hot water, and heat, but luckily there was no damage to my apt.  The city never seemed to lose its energy despite the storm.  Everyone was helping one another and the sense of comradely filled the air.  I have been so blessed with all my friends and family that contacted me to make sure I was doing well and friends that offered a place for me and my roommates to stay and shower.  I was very fortunate and my thoughts and prayers go out to those that lost everything in the storm.”

Show your ATG spirit. Join us at our final Dine for a Cause Fundraiser for the year at Cindi’s NY Delicatessen this weekend, drop your receipt in the box, and ATG will donate our 25% to help victims of Hurricane Sandy via the American Red Cross. If you can’t make it but would still like to donate to our cause, please visit: http://www.againstthegrainproductions.com/donate/ to help us raise the funds.