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2020 Virtual SEAPI Heritage Camp Recap

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Southeast Asian Pacific Islander (SEAPI) Camp in Colorado ran a little bit differently. From August 7-8, 2020, ATG Ambassadors Nikki Duong Koenig and Carol Nguyen presented a virtual workshop for high school campers that centered around Art Therapy. It was wonderful to see many returning families during the opening and closing ceremonies – families joined from all over the United States, as well as from Hawaii and France. Founding Board Member/Advisor, Jared Rehberg, performed a special song that he wrote for camp this year. During our 1.5 hour workshop, we spent the first part catching up with the campers and what they did, what they accomplished, and what they enjoyed over the summer. We then discussed the Elements and Principles of Design to help them to express their feelings through a timed art session, while we discussed tougher topics pertaining to the current pandemic. Every camper was assigned a word, and after the art session, we asked them to guess the 2 full phrases, “Use your voice to speak up for others,” and “Every voice is an important part of the conversation.” We had 2 lucky winners!

During the last portion of our workshop, we showed examples of how our previous featured entertainers and designers have been using their time/talent/resources to give back in this time of quarantine and isolation. We also included ways the campers (and their parents) can help in a tough situations related to bullying, as well as list resources they able to read in order to educate themselves on the issues of racial equity.

At the end of camp, the organizers were proud to conclude by sharing the collage we made during our workshop, which was a wonderful way for the high school campers to act as role models for younger campers and give everyone a quotable takeaway. Below are a few screenshots we took during the weekend!

Opening Ceremony


Location of Campers

Jared Rehberg Performing

High School Art Therapy Workshop – Final Collage Piece

2009 Colorado Heritage Camp

Hi ATG Family!

Even with the loss of our dear friend Heather Reu in June, this year’s camp turned out to be very special. Heather Reu lived for children. She worked at the youth camp and taught Sunday school. And when doctors told Reu and her husband they couldn’t have children of their own, Reu and her husband adopted four children who were living in foster homes in Vietnam or China.

Heather must have provided the sunny weather and cool nights. They named the Thursday night potluck dinner, “The Heather Reu Potluck dinner”. Phil (Heather’s husband) and their 4 kids returned to camp, surrounded by love and support.

It was so great to see all the kids from last year and catch up. I love hearing stories about their past year away from camp. I was also so grateful and honored to be joined by a small group of adult adoptees: Trista Goldberg, Kevin Maes, Tricia Houston and Ethan Brady. We shared our stories and experiences in 2 unique workshops with 4 total sessions. We played the first 10 minutes of our film OB and made new fans for ATG.


It was great to speak to the adoptive parents. The love for their kids and concerns of being good parents warms my heart everytime. Saturday evening, we opened our cabin up to the high school group and made a big spagetti and meatball dinner. We talked about everything! It was a blast.


On Saturday night at the annual gala, I took to the stage for one of my favorite performances of the year.


I look forward to returning next year to the camps new location, Estes Park, CO. I look forward to seeing old and new families. This next year will be the anniversary of Operation Babylift, and with that so many are excited to meet new adult adoptees and see Tammy’s completed film. I hope filmmaker, Tammy Nguyen Lee, will be there personally to share her experiences making the film.