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Going Against The Grain: June Marieezy


Despite finding herself on the other side of the globe, June continues to grow her music in the Philippines. There is much excitement that surrounds Contagious’s EP release under Deeper Manila. After all, her five-year stay was musically and spiritually nurturing. Being lost all the time in the city and riding her bike to its crannies instilled a new sense of adventure. The feeling, she says, sets her “soul on fire.” Here or there, June sounds good anywhere. It’ll be a while before she returns to Southeast Asia, because right now she’s still coasting and consumed by “experiencing life as an artist and learning more about how the world works.”

Full Name:

June Marieezy


Dallas, Texas; Manila, Philippines

Current City:

Los Angeles, California



What does it mean to you to “Go Against The Grain?”:

Question popular thought and trusting personal moral compass to take the road less taken, no matter how difficult the obstacles are along the way.

What made you decide to pursue a career in the music industry?

Realization of my purpose, that my perspective along with my musical expression is a powerful tool that can be used for moving inspiration around the world.

What have been some of the challenges you faced/lessons you learned as an Asian American in this field?

Before I came back to America, I realized that being female and part of a minority race meant that I must work harder than anyone else to be taken seriously.

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment, and why?

I feel my biggest accomplishment overall is being able to stay true to myself in this world that tries to make us what we’re not or don’t want to be. Because I followed my heart, I find myself with experiences and opportunities that not very many people get to come across and I’m grateful every day for that.

What’s up next?

For this month, I’m currently transitioning a move from Dallas to Los Angeles and working on new releases with Deeper Manila.

Quote to live by: “Would you leave this world satisfied?” I use this question as a quote with three different meanings that keep me in check enough to fuel my evolution and progression for myself then for others.

Sign (Eastern Animal Sign & Western Zodiac): Sheep/Virgo

Passionate about: Music, travel, people, perspective, the Philippines

Favorite food: Sushi

Can’t live without: My notebook and pen