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OB B&WWhat an honor to receive such great reviews from our Operation Babylift screenings.

Read what the audience has to say:

“Amazing…compelling and hard hitting. ”
— Hao-Nhien Q Vu, Publisher/Editor of, Irvine, CA

“An important documentary that investigates Operation Babylift from a humanistic perspective. ”
— Lan Duong, UC Irvine

“A remarkable film…an engrossing historical document…a riveting story that spoke to me as an Asian American.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    — Dr. Sam Lam

“Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam depicts the incredible journeys of the adoptees.  Their stories have become a part of the American historyFrom a humanistic perspective, director Tammy Nguyen Lee explores the depth the feelings of being displaced and discriminated as well as love and triumph of the “lost children.” From the audience’s reactions at the premiere at the Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF) 2009, I was not surprised when the documentary won the Audience Choice Award.”
–Ysa Le, Executive Director, Vietnamese International Film Festival

“The documentary is a moving and inspirational film that we are excited to be screening to a Philadelphia audience.”
— Joe Kim, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Heart-wrenching and heart-warming, Operation Babylift shares the stories of a unique group of Asian American adoptees who illuminate our common humanity. I was moved to tears watching it, and even moreso when I saw the film’s impact on audiences who were relating their own experiences to what they were seeing on screen. A must see for anyone touched by adoption or who cares about the Asian American community and our shared human connections. Thanks for making this film with the power to bring so many people together!
Gayle Isa, Executive Director, Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA

Operation Babylift reveals the human consequences of conflict and the sometimes tragic choices forced upon families and individuals. Through incisive interviews and archival footage, the history of this airlift and its aftermath are presented in complex, rich detail. The DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival is proud to present this little known story of survival and hope.”
Tad Doyle, Director of Programming for DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival

Operation Babylift reveals a story of the Vietnam War that many are unaware of, dealing with the most precious and tiniest victims – the children. The San Diego Asian Film Festival seeks to share such untold stories, as we believe sharing these stories of war, history, and ultimately – hope – helps us understand more about the world and about each other.”
Lee Ann Kim, Executive Director of the San Diego Asian Film Foundation

“[Operation Babylift is] a documentary that’s intense, emotional, and uplifting. It seemed only fitting that we had to share this with our audiences at VAFF.”
— Yoosik Oum, Executive Programming Coordinator of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival

“The multitude of St. Louis connections to this wonderful and poignant film make it a natural fit with this year’s SLIFF programming. There was no way we would have not shown Operation Babylift in the festival!”
Chris Clark, Artistic Director, St. Louis International Film Festival

As an adoptee, Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam is a story that resonates deep within my soul. It’s an historical and honorable piece of American and world history. The public will not only enjoy this amazing film, but be enlightened by a story they may not be acquainted with. This is a film you don’t want to miss!”
Lyly Koenig, Adoptee, Miami, FL

“Tammy [Nguyen] Lee has done an exceptional job documenting this part of history that many many people were unaware of. Watching this documentary brought back emotions and memories of a time that I almost forgot. Growing up, I just didn’t have a good understanding or maturity to acknowledge my past. This documentary brought back vivid memories of my life in Vietnam, living at the orphanage and then the finality of leaving and transiting to the states on a PAN AM Flight that was crowded with children and babies. The film really helped me to reconnect with my past. This is a truly positive experience for me, and it is a great honor to be a part of this history.”                 –
– Lieutenant Commander Mark Slavik, Adoptee, Seattle, WA

“I’m very excited to be part of this project because I believe any education to this often over-looked aspect of the Vietnam War is great! I sometimes struggle finding the right words to describe the events of my adoption, and media like this will only assist that and bring greater understanding across a wider audience.
— Dan Bischoff, Adoptee, St. Louis, MO

“Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam made me feel tremendously proud to be part of one of the greatest humanitarian efforts in American history. As a member of this small group of individuals, so precious and innocent, I am forever thankful for all those individuals who risked their lives so that I could have a one. While we faced many challenges in our lives and continue to struggle with new ones, we must cherish in the simple fact that we are alive today and we can have an impact in this world. This film reminds us all that as human beings we have the remarkable capacity to love one another, care for one another and help one another…even those we don’t even know. Thank you to Tammy and her entire production team for telling our story!”
— Sarah Lawrence, Adoptee, Philadelphia, PA

“The day Carol became our daughter at JFK airport was the most moving experience in our life, for her mother and I, as she wasn’t able to have children. We were truly blessed that God sent us this beautiful girl from out of the midst of turmoil. We are happy that she is seeking to connect with her heritage. Your film was very moving and it provided a persepective on how these 2500 young people have grown into thoughtful and loving adults.”
— William R. Schuler, Jr., Adoptee Parent, Philadelphia, PA

“Being a mentor for two young Vietnamese adoptees, I was very excited for the screening of Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam. The movie goes beyond my expectation and engages all audiences to every story, every picture, and every emotion. From the adoptees in the movie to the audiences and the producer, Tammy, we all share the tears of sympathy. The movie is inspirational and heart-melting. It is also a motivation for me to give back more to the Vietnamese community, especially to the orphans and adoptees. I would like to thank Tammy and the entire production team for their amazing work and wish you all the best at bringing your message across the country and the world.”
Chi Nguyen, Vice President of ICON, Philadelphia, PA

“It is such a powerful film – about courage, hope, and love amidst a war that tore so many apart in the US and Vietnam.  And yet, this powerful film showed that giving someone life and love is sometimes not enough to fulfill a person.  Searching for one’s roots and identity is a universal story that many can relate to. But showing the bravery of a few well-meaning people is a story that encourages all of us not to be afraid of taking action that can positively impact others. Thank you, Tammy, for bringing this story to the screen.  I applaud not only the quality of your OPERATION BABYLIFT, but also your efforts to use the film  as a tool to continue to help others.”
Cynthia Salzman Mondell, award-winning documentary filmmaker of THE MONSTER AMONG US and A FAIR TO REMEMBER, Dallas, TX

To find out more about and read more comments on the film, please visit the Babylift website.

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